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Building structures have evolved. Precision Concrete Floors, Inc. is a certified NUDURA installer who offers concrete houses, using NUDURA Insulated concrete forms.

What is NUDURA? NUDURA forms consist of two panels of expanded polystrene (EPS) foam which are 2 5/8″ thick and connected by the webbing system. NUDURA forms are stacked, steel reinforced, then filled with concrete to complete the envelope of your commercial or residential structure. Why build a concrete structure? Energy efficiency, sound & fire resistance, protection from weather, plus environmentally friendly. This all leads to cost savings for your monthly heating/cooling bills, electrical bills, and insurance savings. The concrete structure starts to pay for itself in the long run.

NUDURA ICFs provide better energy solutions for any structure… Recent testing has proven a home or commercial building built using NUDURA can reduce thermal transfer to as low as 1.9 BTU/ft /hr even at temperatures as low as -11 degrees (F). The energy performances that come from NUDURA forms, is the combination of thermal mass, airtightness, and two layers of continuous insulation. Building with NUDURA reduces a building’s operational energy demands up to 60% and as a result, the structure’s carbon footprint on the environment. Please call for more details about the benefits.

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